Regarding the doula training;  “Thank Gd, My youngest daughter had a baby boy last night.  She had a water birth in S. Joseph.  Some experience!

My daughter is so grateful to me for my help, and I’m SO grateful to you for everything you’ve taught me.  It could easily have ended as a C-section, as did my daughter Rivka’s first birth which was before I took your course.
May we have only good news to share!” L. Goldberg

I appreciate the time you spent meeting me, your honest professional opinions, your support during my labor, your respect and support for my decisions.


Your help and comfort made the birth experience manageable and actually nice!

– Zelig and Ricky
Your listening ear, patience, and professionalism right from our preliminary phone calls until the birth left me with very sweet memories.


Your comfort and calm professionalism made me feel like you were a mommy taking care of me.”

– Shoshanna

My mother also wants to thank you for all that you did for her during my birth. Now she also looks at my birth in a more positive light.

– Rikva Tehilla (the baby)

May Hashem bless you with Yiddishe nachas and simcha from all your children

– Batsheva

We were a great team.

– Avraham & Simcha

I had known Sarah several years before I decided to do her doula training course. Even before I was her student she enthusiastically encouraged me on my path to becoming a doula. Choosing Sarah’s course was never a hard decision for me; she offers so much more than any other course in Israel, and her warm, upbeat personality makes for lively discussions and great classes. Apart from the fact that DONA is internationally recognized, Sarah also spends many extra hours preparing us for the local birthing scene in Jerusalem and obligates us to come to a birth with her to get hands-on experience. She also brings many guest speakers such as the head of Nitza, and a leading aroma therapist, and a breastfeeding expert to mention a few. We are also encouraged to call her during our first births if needed, to ask any questions, which is especially helpful when we are confronted with a birth that has become complicated or even just departed from the original plan. I still use this “service” several years post training when needed! In all I would recommend Sarah and her course (and do!) to anyone contemplating becoming a doula; and when the midwives ask who I trained with I am proud to say (and received warmly) when I say “Sarah Goldstein”.

– Anna King